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Chicago Strippers for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

 Bring the vibrant energy of the Windy City to your bachelor party with Chicago’s finest male strippers. Our expertly selected performers are the epitome of charisma and sophistication, blending the excitement of Chicago’s nightlife with unforgettable entertainment. Each dancer is a skilled entertainer, ready to provide a dynamic and exhilarating experience that captures the essence of the city.


Chicago Male Strippers: Hire Exotic Dancers for Your Bachelorette Party


These hunks come to your bachelorette party, birthday, or private event ready to set the vibe for the weekend. All of our guys are handsome, fun, and super talented. You get to select your choice of favorites. Time starts at 1 hour, but the more you tip, the more they strip & the longer they stay.

Here to serve you – Our male strippers can be fun, deviant, or simply oozing with sex appeal… It’s all up to you! Special costumes can be requested and bachelorette princess treatment is included. Experience all the different sides our boys have to offer.


These gorgeous men come to your bachelorette party, birthday party, divorce party, or special event ready to be the perfect boyfriend. Whether it’s to your Airbnb or Hotel, he will come to you.

Your new Temporary Boyfriend is ready to please, have fun,  mix cocktails, serve food and beverages, play party games, bbq, mingle with your guests… He’ll do just about whatever you want him to do. All of our hunky babes are handsome, sweet, and fun, and you get to select your favorite. So get on your throne and prepare to be treated like the royalty you are! It’s not a crime to watch these butlers do all the hard work.


Who’s ready for some fun in the sun? Our dreamy male pool babes come to your pool party ready to serve. Whether you need help setting up towels by the pool, counting the score for party games, serving drinks and food, or just someone to bring the energy to your party, our babes will cater to you.

Our boys love to make you the center of attention, swim with your party guests, play games, and dote on you. Our babes work off tips, and are eager to spoil you!


These built babes come to your bachelorette party, birthday party, or special event ready to give you the perfect start to the day. Enjoy a home cooked breakfast that is as delicious as our guys. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and mimosas, our hunky babes work hard in the kitchen so you can sit back and relax with quite the sizzling show.

Our babes will cook and serve, but that’s not all. This package also includes an exciting bride to be strip show. You provide the food and drinks. The more you tip, the more they strip, so, get out your wallets! It’s time to change it up and let the men do all the work for a change. Who’s ready for the sexiest breakfast you’ll ever taste?


We don’t want you, or any of your party guests, to have to worry about taking photos all day. Why not have us do the work for you? Hire our fun and bubbly amateur photographer to capture your special party. We will capture all the moments you will want to remember for a lifetime. Photos can be edited or left natural. Additional pricing is available or a night out on the town, or whatever you have in mind.


Enjoy some muscles and cake to get your party started. The birthday girl will get extra special treatment and fun from our hunks. Time starts at one hour, but the more you tip the more he strips and longer he stays. Make all your birthday wishes come true.

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