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Spice up your Labor day weekend with fantasy football babes!

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Looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate Labor Day weekend? Look no further! Shades of Babes is here to bring your fantasy football draft party to a whole new level. Introducing our exclusive package: Fantasy Football Babes for Labor Day Weekend! Available in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Austin, and Miami, this package promises an unforgettable experience that combines your love for football with the seductive presence of our gorgeous and sporty strippers.

Package Description:

Our Fantasy Football Babes package is designed to turn your draft party into an unforgettable event. Imagine having a group of stunning girls who are ready to make your Labor Day weekend one for the books. Our babes will arrive at your chosen Airbnb dressed in sexy sporty clothes, ready to add a touch of sizzling charm to the festivities.

Track Your Draft Picks in Style:

To make your draft party even more engaging, we recommend providing a white poster board for the girls to keep track of your draft picks. As you and your friends strategize your team selections, these attractive babes will be right there, ensuring every pick is accounted for. Their presence is sure to keep the energy high and the excitement brewing throughout the evening.

Bartending and Catering:

Our Fantasy Football Babes are not just eye candy; they are skilled in the art of hospitality as well. They can take charge of the bar, mixing up delicious cocktails and serving your favorite beverages. Let them handle the food and beverages, ensuring that you and your guests are well taken care of while you focus on building your championship-winning team. Great food, drinks, and beautiful babes is a recipe for an epic Labor Day weekend.

Entertainment Like Never Before:

As the game progresses, these babes will be more than happy to provide additional entertainment to keep the party going strong. Lap dances during the game? Yes, please! These sultry and talented performers will leave you and your friends in awe as they showcase their seductive moves, adding an element of excitement to the already thrilling football action.

Unleash the Fun:

With the Fantasy Football Babes package, you can take your Labor Day weekend celebration to new heights. Let loose, enjoy the game, and revel in the company of gorgeous women ensuring your experience is unforgettable.

For Labor Day weekend, why settle for a typical fantasy football draft party when you can elevate the experience with our Fantasy Football Babes package? Shades of Babes is here to make your wildest dreams come true, combining the excitement of football with the sensuality of our stunning entertainers. Book now and get ready for an extraordinary Labor Day weekend that will have you and your friends talking about it for years to come. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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